Teaching STEM with Lego Mindstorms Workshop

Thursday 5 July 2018

Jason  will be running a one day workshop at Cessnock High School. The workshop will provide teachers with the skills to confidently use Lego Mindstorms as an engaging platform to teach STEM to both Primary and secondary students. Concepts to be covered include –

– Coding
– Scaling and normalisation
– Real-world (imperf ect) systems
– Multi-input control algorithms
– 3D design and modelling
– Mechanisms

There is no fee for attending this workshop

For further details and registration information, click here or contact


Digital Technologies Workshop

Digital Technologies Workshop

Monday 25 & Tuesday 26 June 2018

The Australian Computing Academy (ACA) will be running a two day workshop at Cessnock High School. Primary and secondary teachers who are  looking to improve their understanding of the Digital Technologies curriculum are invited to attend, in addition to teachers and technology leaders seeking resources to support the implementation of the curriculum.

The cost for both days is $100 or $60 for members of ICTENSW.

For further details and registration information, click here or contact


New Integrated STEM Project

New Year 7 & 8 Integrated STEM Project
Ultra-High Speed Autonomous Vehicle

RDA Hunter’s ME Program is developing new Stage 4 Integrated STEM curriculum resources as part of their partnership with the Cessnock Academy of STEM Excellence (CASE).

The Ultra-High Speed Autonomous Vehicle project is a new take on an old favorite. Using many of the resources of the CO2 Dragster project that is already used extensively in schools. In this iteration of the CO2 Dragster theme the teacher uses the emerging technologies from Elon Musk’s futuristic Hyperloop transport system as stimulus for students to design prototype Ultra-High Speed Autonomous vehicles that are tested in the same way as CO2 Dragsters.

This draft resource is a sample design brief and suggested engineering design process which will form part of a larger resources set. It is designed to assist STEM teachers to develop similar design projects for Stage 4. Further resources to support this design brief are currently under construction and will be made available throughout the year. The Cessnock Academy of STEM Excellence is also looking to run a regional competition/exhibition for the Hyperloop project and other school’s from outside the area may wish to be involved. Please contact Dr Scott Sleap if you have an interest.

Draft Design Brief: CO2 Design Activity

New iSTEM Year 9 Program

Program v2RDA Hunter’s ME Program has developed a new Integrated STEM Learning and Teaching program for Year 9. Produced by Dr Scott Sleap the program is designed for the current version of the iSTEM syllabus and it uses a thematic approach as recommended by Dr Sleap.

The program includes a sample pattern of study in which the 200 hour iSTEM course is broken into four 50 Hour units of work. In Year 9 the units include: Introduction to STEM and Robotic Systems, and in Year 10 the units include: Electric Vehicles and Design for Space. The Year 10 program in under development and should be available in the coming weeks.

These are sample programs utilising the core modules of; STEM Fundamentals 1 & 2, Mechatronics 1 and 2 and the following electives; Aerodynamics, 3D CAD/CAM 1, STEM Project Based Learning Minor, STEM Project Based Learning Major, Motion and Design for Space.

These resources have been provided as a result of an Australian Department of Defence grant delivered by the ME Program. They are free to be used or modified for educational purposes and are designed for the ME Program’s STEM Toolkit and iSTEM initiatives. They have been developed in partnership with the Cessnock Academy of STEM Excellence (CASE) for which the ME Program is a major partner.

PDF Version:  iSTEM Sample Year 9 Program 2018

Word Version: iSTEM Sample Year 9 Program 2018