Amanda Hogan


Amanda Hogan is a Computing Education Specialist at the ACA and the president of the ICTENSW professional association for computing teachers. Amanda was a secondary Computing Teacher, after working in the IT industry most recently at Microsoft Australia. Amanda is an active tutor and content creator in the Girls Programming Network Sydney Chapter. In 2015, Amanda was named ICT Teacher of the Year by the ICT Educators of NSW.


Digital Technologies in the new Science and Technology (K-6) and the Technologies Mandatory Year 7-8

 Target Audience – Primary and Secondary

Investigate the scope and sequence of Digital Technologies content and skills from years K to 8 and discuss various ways to meet the requirements with students.

Engage in an unplugged classification activity demonstrating computer science concepts.

Explore the Australian Computing Academy activities in Blocks and Python and demonstrate mastery of introductory programming skills.

Attendees should have a laptop or device with keyboard to get the most out of the session