Ashley Cox


Ashley Cox is General Manager for UAVAIR, the largest UAV Training company in Australia.  Ashley is responsible for its swift growth since its inception in 2014 and has extensive experience in the delivery of technology education. Ashley has worked in the vocational and higher education sectors since 2005. Previously, Ashley was ME Program Manager from 2011 to 2015 and Regional Industry Career Advisor, Hunter and Central Coast for the Australian Industry Group. Ashley is currently a Board Member of the Australian Association of Unmanned Systems, Panel member of the Australian RPAS Consortium and Advisor to the Technical Advisory Committee, Industry Standards Board.


Drones in Schools: Managing risk, maximising opportunity and meeting learning outcomes

Target Audience – Primary and Secondary Education

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or “Drones” are working their way into almost every sector of the Australian economy, from Search and Rescue to Mining, to Fast food delivery. This sudden growth has led to a large amount of opportunities but has also led to a poor understanding of the rules and risks that surround the technology. UAV’s in schools, when managed well have much to offer students. This workshop will seek to explore the myriad of benefits the technology can have in the classroom as well as outline various risk mitigation strategies that should be employed in the education.