Associate Professor Judy Anderson


Judy Anderson is Director of the STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy at the University of Sydney and coordinator of the secondary mathematics preservice education program. She has conducted research into middle year’s students’ motivation and engagement and teachers’ knowledge and understanding of problem solving approaches to the teaching and learning of mathematics. As an advocate for innovative curriculum, with a particular interest in teachers as designers of integrated STEM curriculum, she works with schools to assist leaders and teachers develop STEM programs.


Successful approaches to STEM curriculum design and development

Target Audience – Secondary

The University of Sydney offers an intensive professional learning program for school teams of secondary STEM teachers to work together to design integrated curriculum. We provide substantial funding to schools to participate in the program and are keen to recruit new schools, willing to engage with STEM approaches to teaching in years 7 to 10 through curriculum redesign and development. We encourage schools to use data to identify issues to be addressed and to develop programs appropriate for their students.