Dean Hannah


Dean Hannah has been a Design & Technology/ Engineering   teacher for 27 years and had loved the challenges  that solving problems brings. In 2007  Dean was awarded “The Excellence in the Integration of Information and Communication Technologies Award” (NSW) as well as a “Regional Directors Award for Excellence in Teaching”.

In 2009 dissatisfied with how students were being taught some engineering concepts he invented a bottle rocket launcher exclusively for use in high school. As a result of the success of the launcher, he started a company called Excite and Educate, who for the last 10 years have been selling innovate technology to classroom teacher to excite and educate their students.


The Sky’s the limit. How to master Bottle Rocket making

Target Audience – Secondary / Primary

Participants will be involved in examining the launching system, making bottle rocket designs styles that feature curved, straight and swept back fins. We will also investigate and discuss programming alternatives and management for their own schools use of rocketry in schools. Participants will receive a risk assessment pro-forma, programming materials including student folios, class notes and discuss engineering concepts that will allow them  to successfully use the Bottle Rocket launcher in their own classroom.  Participants are encouraged to BYOD to record their flights.