Peter Pentland


Peter Pentland has extensive experience in classroom teaching and in writing for education audiences including senior physics textbooks and primary school library books aimed at inspiring students to consider careers in STEM.

Peter has run the STELR (Science Technology Education Leveraging Relevance) Project since its inception in 2008.

He has run successful STEM teacher-training programs in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. He has advised the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organisation on STEM education. He encourages a problem-based, hands-on inquiry approach to STEM.


The STELR program update

Target Audience – Secondary

This workshop will give an overview of STELR equipment kits and curriculum resources for:
Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship video and curriculum resources
Renewable Energy
Wind Energy
Mathematics of Solar Panels
STEM Sun-Tracking Solar Panel (raspberry pi and python)
Solar Cars
Mathematics of Solar Car Gears
Sustainable Housing
Mathematics of Sustainable Housing
Climate Change and Oceans
Earth Moon and Sun
Water in the 21
Carbon Dioxide – Friend or Foe
Future Health
Car Safety
Sound and Hearing
Electricity and Energy (Primary)
A loaded usb with these resources will be provided for pre-booked attendees